Letters to the Editor: ‘Stratford can be so much more’

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‘Stratford can be so much more’

Re: Final pitch to voters

Talk about contrasting styles. The mayor chose to write about his favourite subject, Dan Mathieson, using the selfish “I” word 13 times, with 60 per cent of his words devoted to listing HIS accomplishments, as if he created Stratford with his own two hands. During the debate at the Rotary Complex, he actually said: “I might not be your most favourite person.” 

Tom Drake wrote about his vision of Stratford succumbing to “I” only four times. All protein, he did not list one accomplishment, which could easily have filled his allotted words. He evoked memories of another much more famous bespectacled Stratford son, Tom Patterson. 

Andrew Fraser used the “I” word 10 times but used it to describe his vision. Of the trio, he was the most comfortable during the debate winging it while the mayor often referred to notes. He ended his pitch discussing what he does for a living. 

Stratford should be for all four seasons; Not just summer tourism prosperity leftovers from the Stratford Festival. Stratford needs new voices, new inspiration, and new energy to hold on to her past but also to build upon her present and our future.

Don’t fall for a slick Prof. Harold Hill political sales pitch. There’s no Wells Fargo Wagon comin’ down the street with a community hub anytime soon. If you focus on the truth, you’ll see it’s a turnip truck! 

Focus on candidates with a realistic vision for everyone. Stratford can be so much more than just a one-horse, one-theatre, one-season city. More than a retirement community, more than the Stratford Festival, even more than the Swan Festival – Stratford is you.

Michael Goldbarth


Canadians should not buy milk products from another country

With this last-minute deal with the United States to kowtow to trade, Canada has opened the door to dairy products that will contain possible hormones.

Most people in Canada know nothing about these products. The best thing is to not purchase dairy products from another country. Leave them on the shelves. You have the power. Read the labels. People in the end have the power, despite this political sideshow.

Wayne Robertson