If there's a concern …

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Thank you to Dr. Naila Ramji for her column (Nov. 27) about the risks of cannabis use in pregnancy. As the column suggested, this is an issue that is not discussed much.

When I attended teachers’ college, a nurse came to talk about alcohol and recreational drug use. Since most of the audience was young women, she pointed out to us that we should abstain from both during pregnancy. One woman took exception, and said that she didn’t like being told what to do regarding her consumption of recreational drugs, but that she would stop if she found herself expecting.

What the nurse answered, and Dr. Ramji neglected to mention, is that women do not immediately know they are pregnant, and that drugs can still have an effect in those days or weeks of waiting. If there is a concern about the effects of cannabis use on the developing teenage brain, what about the effects on a fetus? Would it not be safer to stop using even when one plans to become pregnant.

Carol Smith


A shame about the noise

Sunday, Nov. 11, was a beautiful day, and a great crowd assembled at the cenotaph to honour our soldiers who fought and died for our freedom. It is with sadness that, for at least the two minutes of silence, the traffic cannot be stopped.

There was a diesel truck roaring right at the time everyone should be quiet. How disrespectful. It is bad enough all through the service you cannot hear for all the traffic noise on Ontario Street.

On Sunday, Nov. 25, the market was open behind Stratford City Hall and the Santa Claus Parade was also on. How nice that the powers that be can close the roads for this event, but can’t do the same for our vet.

Shame on them.

M. Butson